May 20, 2016

Namibia:Desert Elephants and Mountain Zebra in Damaraland

We all had our hearts set on seeing Desert Elephants and Mountain Zebras - and Damaraland did not disappoint.
Desert elephants are the same species as other African elephants but they have adapted to their desert environment - they have smaller bodies, longer legs and larger feet.

This baby was so young that it still had not figured out how to use its trunk to put food in its mouth.  It was delightful to watch.
The mountain zebra is a unique species.  Compared to Burchell's and Grevy's zebras, the mountain zebra has thinner and relatively close-together vertical black lines on its neck and torso AND wider horizontal bands on its haunches.  Hartmann's mountain zebras live in Namibia and are thriving because of artificial watering holes.  Cape mountain zebras are few in number and live only in South Africa. 

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