December 29, 2011

OAT Israel: Jerusalem Wailing Wall and Tunnels

The Wailing Wall is segregated - men to the left and women to the right. There were so many prayers on papers stuck in crevices, it was almost impossible to find a space for my prayers.
The Western Wall aka Wailing Wall is part of the retaining wall of the Temple Mount built by King Herod and where Jews came during the Ottoman period to lament the destruction of the Second Temple.  We took a tour of the underground Western Wall Tunnel.
 We eventually emerged on the Via Dolorosa where Jesus carried his cross from Antonia Fortress to the Holy Sepulchre Church. The currently accepted route, with 14 Stations of the Cross (5 within the Church itself), was established in the 18th Century. 
The Rock of Calvary (12th Station of the Cross) under which there is a hole where the Crucifix was raised, is the most visited shrine within the Church.
The interior of the Holy Sepulchre was filled with holy niches.

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