December 24, 2011

OAT Israel: Caesarea

 Herod the Great (reigned in Judea 37 to 4 BC) built Caesarea from 29 to 22 BC and dedicated this lavish city to Augustus Caesar.   The only written evidence (outside the Gospels) that Pontius Pilate existed was discovered in Caesarea.
The port, on the Mediterranean between Tel Aviv and Haifa, was considered one of the most ambitious engineering projects in the Roman Empire.  
 The city lost importance after 614 AD until the port was restored during the Crusades. The Mamelukes destroyed the city in the late 13th century.

This Roman Theater would have had a brick wall behind the stage so the audience would not be distracted by sea views.  We learned that a Roman Theater designed for plays is a half circle vs. an Amphitheater designed for gladiator entertainment and a full circle.

Roman Mosaic in seawater pool.

 Herod's Promontory Palace
 Crusader Wall
Roman Aqueduct supplied water from the Carmel Mtns

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