June 02, 2017

RS Ireland Pre-Trip: St Margarets, Richmond Upon Thames to Hampton Court, Kew Village and Gardens

We scored a pleasant (and very affordable) 2-bedroom AirBnB apartment only a 5 minute walk from St Margarets Station (near Richmond).  Our pub dinner at the Turks Head was close and delicious - but later we all were reminded of the downsides of sleeping so close to a popular "local" as we were subjected to the shouts of Saturday night drinkers into the wee hours of the morning.

We took a ferry from Richmond to Hampton Court Palace since King Henry VIII and visitors would have approached by water - much more impressive than the view when arriving by bus or train.  The London sunshine felt wonderful!
Of course, I had to visit my old haunts in Kew Village and Gardens, starting with breakfast at the Kew Greenhouse.
We took the Kew Explorer Tram and toured Kew Palace, walked above the gardens on the Treetop Walkway, and meandered through gardens and glasshouses (and of course the shop).
The latest and greatest installation is The Hive.  The intensity of the sounds and light echo the activity in a real beehive.  We were also able to listen to the actual bees in that hive.
Of course, we had to rest our weary bones at the Kew Village local.  Cute name for a pub at the Kew Gardens station.

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