June 08, 2017

RS Ireland: Kinsale to Dingle - Kenmare, Ring of Kerry, Kissane Sheep Farm, Killarney National Park

We hung out at Kenmare because our Sheep Dog Demonstration did not start until afternoon.
Our "Gang of Eight" cannot seem to get enough of Sheep Dog demonstrations starting with the puppy "Sheep Dog In-Training" who greeted us adorably.  I finally understood that the dogs control the sheep by emulating wolf (and other predator) behavior.  They are either moving the sheep by nipping or stopping the sheep by staring them down as a wolf would.
Our sheep hats may look silly but they were warm and wonderful!
Our hotel in Dingle was gorgeous!
Here is Yujie making sure she gets enough Baileys in her oatmeal
My frittata was as yummy as it looks

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