August 17, 2015

Colombia Bogota: Coffee Roasting

Luciana buys coffee beans from local farmers - 100% Colombian Arabica. (Robusta beans are "rotgut")
A machine removes the husk and sorts by size. The rejects (dark and misshapen) are picked out manually. 
Beans are roasted but not over-roasted. 

We learned how to properly taste-test coffee and describe such characteristics as acidity, body, aroma and aftertaste. 
Finally we learned every "acceptable" way to prepare coffee that did not include a stove. Coffee makers like Mr. Coffee, Keurig and Nespresso were not even in the running. In the end we learned that her favorites were Chemex and Hario Ceramic Dripper (remember to pre-wet filter before adding coffee and then pre-wet coffee) AND the "Aeropress".

Luciana begged us to always grind our own beans, assuring us that the Cuisinart grinder was excellent and affordable. 

After this morning, I felt like someone who used to be satisfied with $3 per bottle wine but has just been introduced to the world of EXPENSIVE fine wines that require careful storage and serving.

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