August 21, 2015

Colombia Cartagena: Chivas Bus and Street Dancers

Our open-air Chivas bus was packed with mostly Spanish speaking tourists from all over Latin America. Whenever one of the other 17 buses came near, we were encouraged to shout the Spanish equivalent of "BORING BORING ... ". Each row was given a pint or two of rum, coke, ice and plastic cups. Then the emcee would ask something like "Which row is the most drunk?" Chile and Colombia tried to out shout each other for that honor. The onboard band played at ear shattering volume. We got off to dance under the night lights of the Castillo. When they let us off a second time to dance on the city walls, we decided to walk home.

 On our way home from our Chivas Bus adventure, we passed by our new favorite outdoor bar "SHOTS" and stayed for a few drinks, hoping the "Street Dancers" would be performing. We had to endure some less than entertaining entertainment but our patience was rewarded. My video was "too large" to transfer to this blog but trust me, these dancers were amazing.

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