April 05, 2010

OAT Guatemala: School & Home-Hosted Lunch

In San Luis Pueblo, we visited a school supported by OAT and today it was the 4-year olds' turn to host. Each of us was greeted by a student, taken by the hand and led to their classroom.  My hostess was Maria Jose. 
The teacher did a remarkable job getting the children to sing the Guatemalan national anthem (in Spanish, not Mayan), dance, and pose for a group picture.
After our visit, we were divided into 3 groups for a home-hosted lunch by mothers of some students.  Our hostess was later joined by her husband.  Using my rudimentary Spanish language skills and a dictionary, we were all able to communicate to our hosts what we did in our former lives and they were able to tell us a little about their current lives.
School visits, home-hosted lunches, and support of the local communities are ways OAT differentiates itself from other tour companies.

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