April 07, 2010

OAT Guatemala: Antigua Paseo de los Museos to Flores

We spent a morning in the Paseo de los Museos contained within the only 5 Star hotel in Antigua,  Casa Santo Domingo.  If you can afford it, you should stay here.  It sparkled!

Ivania kept us enthralled as we meandered through the hotel tunnel art gallery, past convent ruins and down into crypts, into a chocolate shop for a treat, and then into a series of museums: pre-colombian artifacts, colonial art, native arts and handicrafts,  apothecary and glass.  In the glass museum (my favorite), a Mayan artifact was paired with a similar object in modern glass.  For example, a Mayan rabbit might be placed next to a Lalique crystal rabbit.  Of course, no pictures allowed and my postcards don't scan well!

It was now time to drive to Guatemala City and catch our flight (a propeller plane) to Flores.

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