November 07, 2007

KCWC Coffee Cup Reading by Psychic Sahar Huneidi

Susan and Mona hosted an event for us to learn about and experience a coffee cup reading by the Spiritual Intuitive Sahar Huneidi. I drank a cup of Turkish coffee and turned the cup over onto the saucer. I got help from several women who suggested putting a napkin between the saucer and cup so that the coffee grounds would dry and a pattern would form. I was reading number 26 of 28 - I figured Sahar would either be really warmed up or very tired for my reading! I had lots of time to socialize and consume vast quantities of middle eastern sweets while I waited.

My reading itself did not take long but a lot of information was imparted. Sahar would ask a question but before I really had time to answer, she would be on to the next topic. She started her reading (and I verified this with others) with information that only you would know or certainly no one else at the event would know. She then imparted some very specific predictions and a little bit of guidance.

What surprised me was that I received a recording of our conversation by e-mail the next day. I interpreted this as great self-confidence in her own abilities and very technically advanced! I was impressed and hope everything she told me comes to pass.

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Anonymous said...

Dear Carrie, I noticed you still mention me in the events organized by the middle-eastern activity now lead by Sousan. I truly appreciate your remembering me, and I am very touched by it. Thank you. Sousan is doing a wonderful job keeping this activity alive.

Mouna Eitouni Smith