November 01, 2007

British Museum Late Night & Terracotta Army

Lucrecia and I went to the British Museum on "Late Night" to enjoy the special activities including green tea tasting, Chinese beer tasting, music, and introduction to Mahjong. Imagine our delight when we learned that two tickets to the amazing Terracotta Army exhibit had been returned and we could buy them!

Both of us have seen the rows and rows of Terracotta Warriors in Xian but this exhibit explained so much more. We learned about the life and accomplishments of the First Emperor (259-210 BC) and why he created this army. I was also fascinated about HOW the soldiers and horses were created. Using traces of pigment collected from the warriors, they were able to paint one of the warriors in the original bright colors. I hope the information from this exhibit will also be placed at the actual site in Xian where it will be much appreciated by visitors.

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