February 01, 2017

AMC Bolivia: Lago Titicaca

After another 4 hour bumpy ride, we reached the ferry to Copacabana on Lago Titicaca (12,500'.) Actually, our bus rode the ferry and we took a motorboat.  Our hotel was gorgeous and we wanted to stay!  
The next morning, we hiked downhill from our hotel to board our boat to Isla del Sol. We disembarked near the Inca Palace and hiked for 2 hours to reach our guest house "Jacha Inti" in Yumani (~13,500'.)  

We got our rooms and then immediately hiked down to board our boat to Isla de la Luna.  We started our hike with a visit to Inak Uyu / "Court of Women" Inca ruins. Our local guide then led us from one side of the island over the top and down to the other side.  Our boat arrived at Yumani when people were lined up at the dock to transfer bricks. We enjoyed Happy Hour with a view of Mt Illampu.

My favorite hike was walking the length of Isla del Sol from Yumani to Roca Sagrada in the north. We climbed the imposing Inca Steps past villages and Inca ruins before descending to our boat. Most of the hike was on a well groomed "toll" trail named "Willka Thaki" and the weather was perfect.  

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