February 07, 2016

New Zealand: Skippers Canyon and TSS Earnslaw

 After a scenic tour through Skipper's Canyon, we were ready for another jet boat experience!

 A member of a long time gold mining family spoke of the harsh conditions endured by those trying to make a living here and then started us panning for gold.  Lucky ones found a tiny flake or two.
In the evening we set off on the TSS Earnslaw (coal-fired steam vessel launched in 1912) for a barbecue at Walter Peak High Country Farm.  We were treated to sheep hearding and shearing demonstrations.  When a dog crouches and stares strongly at a sheep, the sheep thinks it's a wolf and freezes and / or turns.  A dog can also nip at the sheep to get them moving.  I was riveted by the dogs splitting the herds and driving them through specific gates - all with only a few word and whistle commands.  

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