December 23, 2011

OAT Israel: Jaffa - Ilana Goor Museum of Ethnic & Applied Art

My favorite art museum is now the Ilana Goor Museum in Jaffa.  Ironically, many do not consider Ilana an "artist" but rather a "designer."  I found her work visually compelling and quirky.  
She lives in a wing of the museum and hangs her art everywhere. 
Ilana bought a crumbling 250 year old home belonging to an Arab family forced to flee when Israel became a country.  It was in a dangerous area at the time but she bought it for "the view".  When she discovered their hidden belongings during restoration, she took great pains to find the family and return these treasures.
 Our enthusiastic docent regaled us with stories about Ilana and her art. Note the ceiling fan hanging from a giant copper pot.
It was a beautiful day in her upstairs courtyard.
This "shoe" door handle was only one of thousands of quirky touches throughout the museum.

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