June 29, 2011

Victoria Falls

Victoria Falls was magnificent and we visited at the perfect time - not so much water that we were blinded by spray nor so little that we were not impressed. Located on the Zambezi River between Zambia and Zimbabwe, these falls form the largest sheet of falling water in the world.
From our helicopter and on previous flights, we could only see spray.  As we approached by helicopter, we could see the water thundering into a single chasm.  We also got a fantastic view of the Victoria Falls Bridge, completed in 1905 when Zambia was Northern Rhodesia and Zimbabwe was Southern Rhodesia.  Seeing the falls by helicopter should not be missed!

 After our helicopter tour, we walked on delightful paths along the falls. It looks sunny but we wore waterproof ponchos and still got drenched. We also watched crazy people bungee jump head first off the Victoria Falls Bridge. They hung upside down over the gorge for what seemed like an eternity (and that was just me watching) until someone finally reached them and they were "winched" up.

After all that excitement, we were ready for "Afternoon Tea" at the elegant Victoria Falls Hotel with its lovely views of the falls and bridge.  Guests are only a 10-minute walk from the Falls.
We walked into town for a bit of shopping and took a shuttle back to our hotel with its view of a watering hole, popular with elephants and other thirsty wildlife. 
 It was in our deluxe Victoria Falls Safari Lodge that I had my most frightening wildlife encounter with a gargantuan spider on my mosquito netting.  I took several deep breaths before calling the front desk and the clerk actually asked if it was on my pillow.  I replied that if it was on my pillow, I would be screaming.  A very nervous man with a box and a broom arrived to save the day.  

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