June 25, 2010

Peru: Overview of the Highlands and the Amazon

What do you visit in Peru when you have already seen Machu Picchu and the Nazca Lines?

Teresa embraced that challenge when Jan and I visited her during the South American winter month of June.

We visited pre-Inca ruins outside Lima (Pachacamac and Caral), Lake Titicaca (Floating Islands), Sillustani (Burial Towers), Colca Canyon (Patapampa Pass ~16,000 feet, Andean Condors and Skull Candy) and Arequipa (including Santa Catalina and Juanita the "Ice Maiden") Then Teresa sent us on a short ecoadventure along the Amazon, over the rainforest and within petting distance of Charlita who is a capybara (largest rodent in the world)

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A Tale of Two Cities said...

This must have been a fabulous trip. I know so little about Peru, but I'm very fascinated about everything there to see.

Love your photos,