June 11, 2010

Peru: Iquitos, Amazon River & Ceiba Tops Hike

The mighty Amazon River is at least 4000 miles long and second in length only to the Nile. For me, the Amazon has always conjured up images of deer-eating pythons, deadly frogs, and natives with expertise in poisonous blow darts. The Amazon is also a working river. As we motored upstream from Iquitos to our lodge at Ceiba Tops, I marvelled at how some of these boats managed to stay afloat.
Our lodge was far more rustic than the Casa Andina Private Collection and Teresa's penthouse apartment in Lima, but we still had a private bath and A/C in the room. From our lodge, we walked among frogs and spiders and creatures we preferred not to think about. Some spiders were well camouflaged ..... .... and other spiders were quite bright. We felt incredibly brave just holding a frog and only after our guide assured us it was safe.

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