June 06, 2010

Peru: Chucuito & Sillustani

We visited the Chucuito “Fertility Temple” ruins for a short time before walking up the hill to the main plaza. We wandered around taking photos and waiting for the “procession”.

The Sillustanti burial towers called “chullpas” were built by the Colla people perhaps 500 years ago. Some are almost 40 feet high and many are unfinished.

Up and over the ridge we viewed the peaceful Lake Umayo.

For a small fee, the nice lady allowed Teresa to pet the young alpaca.

Enroute to the airport, we saw ranches and alpacas

BTW – If you ever get confused between alpacas and llamas, check out the great video on this website: www.owning-alpaca.com/alpaca-and-llama.html

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A Tale of Two Cities said...

Such a fascinating trip this must have been!