May 20, 2010

Overseas Adventure Travel (OAT) Overview of Panama & Route of the Maya (3/24/10 – 4/11/10)

Not only did I get to tick off 5 countries on my list ( Panama, El Salvador, Honduras, Guatemala & Belize), I also saw and experienced a wonderful part of the world. I completed a partial transit through the Panama Canal, visited indigenous communities (Embera, Maya), climbed through Mayan ruins (Joya de Ceren, Copan, Tikal, Yaxha, Lamanai), toured Spanish colonial cities (Panama City, San Salvador, Guatemala City, Antigua), zip-lined across a bioreserve, ferried around lakes Atitlan and Peten Itza, and witnessed many Santa Semana (Holy Week) processions. My fellow travelers were experienced and all had a great sense of humor. Our Route of the Maya guide was knowledgeable and ensured our days were full. OAT did not charge me a single supplement and overall I got good value.

 Overseas Adventure Travellers Group Photo in Front of Tikal