November 09, 2009

VRC Slovakia: Bratislava

Bratislava is pleasantly whimsical but small.  After our short tour, we raced to Tesco on the basis that it sold the best and cheapest chocolates in all of Europe (per our unbiased Slovakian Program Director).  We found the chocolates and much more.  This Tesco was not like a London Tesco - it was filled with clothing bargains.  I paid $2.75 for a very nice fleece cap and when I went to the counter, I got an additional 25% off.  That is when Teresa and I both went back and stocked up on winter accessories (for those chilly Peruvian and Houston winters.)

As darkness fell, the town became more dramatic because of the special lighting on the castle and churches.  We climbed up to Bratislava Castle for a panoramic night view of the city.  Inside the castle walls, we discovered the "Amazing Planet" photography exhibit by Filip Kulisev.  We were mesmerized for over an hour. 

Last but not least, I have a special interest in Slovakia because my grandmother (mother's mother) and her family came from Slovakia (although from the Tatra mountains and my grandmother fondly remembered visiting Prague but never mentioned Bratislava).  This is how she and a dancing partner might have dressed, had she not sailed to Ellis Island for a new life in New Jersey when she was 11.

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