November 13, 2009

VRC Germany: Regensburg

We walked more miles in Regensberg than anywhere else.  During and after our orientation tour, we took many photos of the town. 

We happened upon a special tradition after a civil wedding ceremony.  We cheered with everyone else as the couple cut out a heart in the white cloth held up by their friends

We made our obligatory stop at the cathedral.

Then we started walking and walking.  We snapped whatever seemed interesting at the time.

We discovered a castle to explore.  When we couldn't see the familiar Regensberg "skyline", we asked some schoolgirls to point us toward town.  They said we were really far away, the buses were not running, and we should call a taxi. 

The girls finally gave us some preliminary instructions and we got back just in time for the 2pm cuckoo clock tour. 

After some well earned sausages at THE best place in town, we were ready to cross the bridge (completed 1146) and explore. 

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