November 14, 2009

VRC Germany: Nuremberg

Unlike most of the other stops on the cruise where we docked within walking distance of town, we had to be taken quite a distance by bus to Nuremberg.  That was because we were not really docked on the Danube itself but rather on the Danube-Main Canal.

We were taken first to the site of the Nazi Party rallies held annually from 1927 through 1938.  Our guide explained how carefully these rallies were staged for maximum impact, and how "normal" people were persuaded to participate.  He said that after the war, most Germans wanted to destroy everything with the hopes of erasing all memories.  But it was decided that it was important to leave a reminder if it helped to prevent a repeat of such atrocities.

Nuremberg is also a medieval city and we had plenty of time to explore Nuremberg Castle and enjoy the views.

As we entered town, we were greeted by some sculptural spoofs of Durerstadt's famous rabbit sketch.

We finished our tour of the town and then wandered around the Hauptmarkt as it was being set up for the Christmas Markets.

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