August 08, 2009

Lisbon: Day 1

Castelo de Sao Jorge: We took the tram up, up to this medieval citadel with panoramic view of Lisbon. Anna led us down winding alleys to the Decorative Arts museum in the Alfama. Soon, the morning tours were over and it was time to explore Lisbon on our own.

We took the metro red line to Oriente and onto the grounds built for Expo '98. We viewed amazing creatures through multi-story aquariums in the Oceanarium. The most unusual was the Sunfish - rarely seen because it is so difficult to maintain in captivity (Wikipedia photo).

Back in Lisbon, it took perseverance to find the Port Institute but we were determined! We were ushered into a quiet space with deep couches and an "old club" ambience. Hundreds of ports in all price ranges were available. Between the six of us, we were able to taste quite a few.

On the funicular trip back down, an attempt to pickpocket Kris was thwarted - Kris slapped the pickpocket's hand hard, glared directly at him -- and the guy quickly departed. He should have known better than to try that on someone who grew up in Bombay.

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