June 18, 2009

LEG Camden Railway Heritage Trail

Peter Darley led on the Camden Railway Heritage Trail in reverse order, starting with a private viewing of the Roundhouse. Passengers continued onto Euston but goods were unloaded at the Roundhouse (160 foot diameter, used to turn locomotives starting 1846), now used as an entertainment venue.

Thousands of horses were needed for this operation. Some stables were converted to a popular bar with rooms featuring a famous racehorse. We got to see one of the horse sculptures moved from start to almost its new resting place.

The Camden lock and surrounding markets were great for people, and in this case dog, watching. This dog was sporting the same red-dyed mohawk style as its owner.

Many of the stores have been built through the arches and under the Northern London Railway.

Peter pointed out where decades of mud coated ropes gouged deeply through the steel railings.

Chalcot Square was developed in the late 1850s and its Italianate houses have remained largely unchanged. Primrose Hill Tunnel was opened in 1837 and was the first railway tunnel in London. Its East Portals (Grade II listed) were designed to be aesthetically pleasing to public viewers.

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