May 29, 2009

Dublin Train and Ferry

When we found out we could take the train and ferry to Dublin for ~£30 each way, we were on that offer like a duck on a june bug. So what if the journey took us almost a full day, that was part of the adventure. We made our arrangements using guidance from THE Source for all rail journeys . We were advised to get a seat on the right hand side to get a best view of the sights including Chester walls and Castle Conway. We also learned we would be rushing past a local station with the longest name in Britain:

On the way to Dublin, we took the slow (~3 hour) cruise-like ship Ulysses where we were met at the Dublin Ferry Port by a bus (2.5€) that took us to the central bus station. On our return, we took DART to Dún Laoghaire (pronounced "Dun Leery") for the fast ferry. We had some time to spend in Holyhead before the next train to Chester (Kris had some business there for a few days) and it was depressing, except for the modern bridge over the tracks into town

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