September 20, 2008

Table Mountain by Cable Car

When we had finished with the gardens, we called Goodman who informed us that the cable car was now running. He drove us to the station and paid for half (65 rand each) of our return trip (since the way down was included in the tour). Goodman and Elizabeth stressed that it is critical to have a return ticket because then you are guaranteed a ride back. Also, if we heard a siren we were to run back to the cable car because high winds were approaching and we might have to walk down if the cable car stopped running. There was no queue to the cable car. The cable car floor rotates so everyone gets to view every direction. The downside is that you cannot hold on to the railing around the edge because it is always moving.
The views were spectacular as you would expect. We never got a map with our ticket so we just wandered around the top – taking pictures every 20 feet. We got some good closeups of a Dassie. When we had made a complete circle, we got some coffee and a muffin to enjoy outside in the glorious sunshine. There was a queue when we were coming off the mountain but we waited only about 10 minutes. We called Goodman while we were waiting in line and we saw him drive up just as we were approaching the lower station.

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