September 20, 2008


Breakfast included cereals, yogurt, fruit juices and full cooked English breakfast. We ate as though we were going to climb Table Top mountain but actually Kris, Jacqueline, and I agreed to opt out of hiking the Skeleton Gorge up to the top. Ladders, scrambling, and walking along the edge in parts seemed too dangerous and strenuous. We dropped the hikers off at Kirstenbosch and Goodman drove us back to the Table Mountain Cable Car station. It was too windy at the top and the cable car was not operating.

Goodman drove us back to Kirstenbosch, paid for our tickets because they were included, and we began to wander. We saw beautiful African themed sculptures, flowers, a bit of the Skeleton Gorge trail, and the Royal Chelsea Garden display that won an award for creativity.

We ate lunch from the cafeteria – pile what salad, hot vegetable, and meat dishes you wanted on a plate and pay based on weight (they subtract the weight of the plate). The food was delicious (100 rand for 2 plates) and we ate outside in the sunshine while watching a magician entertain about a dozen children (7 or 8 years old) at a birthday party.

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