September 18, 2008

Cape of Good Hope

It was raining hard in the morning as we drove to the Cape of Good Hope Nature Reserve. We hiked the Shipwreck trail on the Atlantic Coast in driving rain. We saw remains of a WWII shipwreck and later a 1965 shipwreck.

We returned inland via vast fields of grasses and wild flowers – carefully avoiding a turtle in the middle of the path. We walked a 3 hour hike in about 90 minutes (combination of motivation and physical ability of group)!

We were soaked. Elizabeth and Goodman drove us to the Cape Point lighthouse but nobody wanted to take the funicular up to the lighthouse. We just wanted to drink coffee and go home to change our clothes. Elizabeth promised we could visit the Penguin colony the next day. We came back to our rooms (not cleaned) and hung up our wet clothes. Elizabeth ordered in pizza and Kris / John got themselves beers from the bar.

At night, we drove to Solole Game Reserve and dined at Rijoja - and enjoyed wine, fishcakes, mussels, calamari, 3 scoops ice cream. Warm at last.

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