August 08, 2008

King Lear at Shakespeare Globe Theatre & Urban Photography at Tate Modern

The play was long and the seats were hard - but everyone must see King Lear at the Shakespeare Globe Theatre on the South Bank of the Thames once in their lifetime. This performance got rave reviews by the critics but I was still confused in the end by who killed Cordelia and how. Some people are just not meant for high culture.
Someday I will take the "behind-the-scenes" tour. A kind neighbor who took pity on me by letting me use his seat cushion said he learned on the tour that we were high up in the prostitutes section. Quirky factoids do interest me.

Just over the roof of the Globe Theatre is the tower for the Tate Modern. I started my day there at the Urban Photography exhibit. Below is "A Lawyer and his Laundry" from the exhibit.
All was not lost. My Art Fund card made the exhibit more affordable and Teresa and I had a pleasant lunch in the restaurant with spectacular view of St Paul's.

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