July 09, 2008

Kew Gardens Summer Swing

Clutching our waterlogged Summer Swing tickets to “Stars of the Commitments” (1991 BAFTA winner) fronted by “Sounds of the Blues Brothers”, Kris and I trudged through the downpour to Kew Gardens. We were sure the show would be cancelled or we would be the only two in the audience.

We could not have been more mistaken. Attendance estimates ranged from 2500 (entrance guard) to 4000 (Become a Friend of Kew staff), but there were thousands dancing in the rain in front of the stage. One of the singers joked, “If it is any consolation, there is a small leak in the roof over the stage and we are getting a bit soaked, too.”

We sought refuge under the neck-and-shoulder massage tent, the South African wine tasting tent, the Kew Beer sampling tent and we even bought an annual Kew Gardens membership for Kris’ mom under the “Become a Friend of Kew” tent. After gorging myself with free samples of carrot cake and listening to most of the songs, we departed. I missed “Mustang Sally” and the fireworks, still admiring the many whose spirits would not be dampened by a bit of rain.

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