February 29, 2008

NPG - Vanity Fair Photographs & Shutting Up Shop

Cindy, Lucrecia and I spent HOURS admiring every photograph and reading every detail in the Vanity Fair Photographs exhibit in the National Portrait Gallery. From the NPG website, I included the photo "Legends of Hollywood" by Annie Leibovitz as well as a photo of Gloria Swanson by Edward Steichen. What I didn't realise was that Vanity Fair was published 1913-1936, had a 50 year hiatus, and was published again starting 1983.

I was fascinated with the "Shutting Up Shop" exhibit. John Londei started taking pictures of small, independent, "anachronistic" (e.g., button makers, contraceptives, cobblers) shops and their proprietors across the UK from 1972 - 1987. When John returned in 2004, only 7 out of 60 were still in business.

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