February 27, 2008

KCWC Middle-Eastern Cooking Demonstration

Koko demonstrated how to prepare three middle-eastern specialties: Artichoke Salad with broad beans and dill, Freikeh (grain) with chicken and nuts, and Mahalabi pudding dessert. She often showed how something would be done traditionally, then offered up an easier technique or substitution. Koko used some unusual pans but did not know where we could find them in London. But, she had several suggestions on where to find all of the ingredients. These recipes were challenging and the more proficient cooks in the audience were asking lots of questions. I thought all of the dishes were delicious and everything but the desserts (very rich and sweet) were very healthy.

In addition to lunch, we were provided with mint tea and many sweets. I commented to the "Magic of the East" activity leaders Susan and Mona that all of their events have generous amounts of food. They said that people in the middle-east show love with food and that generosity is highly valued. As for generosity, I learned ALL of the proceeds from this event were being donated to KCWC charities and a charity chosen by Koko.

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