February 01, 2008

Fox Mange - Horrible!!!

Banjo picked up a bad case of fox mange mites (sarcoptes scabiei) which attacked his nose and ears. We apply Advantix monthly which is good for ticks but not for mange. We had to wait 3 days to apply Advocate which is good for fox mange mites but not for ticks because we had just applied Advantix. Both Advocate and Advantix are manufactured by Bayer. Bayer confirmed there will be an adverse reaction between Advantix and Advocate, so there has to be at least a 3 day period between applications. Meanwhile, Banjo scratched himself bloody.

Once we applied the Advocate, the mites seem to perish immediately. My neighbor Dace put on the Buster / Elizabethan collar which Banjo wore for weeks. I hid his antibiotics and steroids in sardines and wet Marks and Spencer dog food. The vet eventually pulled off the quarter-inch high scabs off Banjo's nose. His groomer is gradually removing the ear scabs which feel like pebbles. Banjo is back to his perky and perfect self now, except we are not sure if the fur on his nose will ever grow back.

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