February 25, 2008

Tate Britain - The Camden Town Group and Peter Doig

My Tate membership was expiring soon, so Cindy and I went for a double feature at the Tate Britain: Modern Painters - The Camden Town Group and Peter Doig. I downloaded some pictures from the Tate website.

The Camden Town Group formed in 1911 and was comprised of the artists Walter Sickert, Charles Ginner, Harold Gilman, Robert Bevan, and Spencer Gore. These painters departed from Edwardian protocol and selected subjects from working-class life. We had never heard of this group but loved their paintings - we spent hours at this exhibit.

The Peter Doig exhibit was a bit disappointing. The paintings on paper (as in the museum guide or books) were actually more appealing than in real life. I did not hate this exhibit but I wanted to be back with the Camden Town Group.

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