January 13, 2008

Chris Rock at the Apollo Hamersmith

As an ardent fan of "Everbody Hates Chris", I just had to see Chris Rock (photo courtesy of The Guardian) when he performed at the Apollo Hammersmith in London. Although Chris's stand-up routine was much more "adult" than his sit-com, we still enjoyed most of it. We liked his warm-up comic too but did not catch his name.

This was our first visit to the Apollo Hammersmith. It was very accessible to Kew e.g., the show ended at 11 pm and we were home by 11:30. Drinks are priced reasonably and you can buy a hot dog for dinner if you are really hungry. Theatre Monkey implied my seats would be horrible but we could see and hear well enough (although we were WAY too far back to see any detailed expressions). The theatre was too warm and quite cramped.

We were sandwiched between 2 couples - all of us naively made sure we were seated 10 minutes before the reported show time of 8pm. The warm up act did not start until 8:15 pm and ended about 8:45 pm. Chris Rock came on about 9:10 pm and talked without stopping until about 11:00 pm.

The couple on the left was black, and Kris said the woman chuckled but did not find anything overly hilarious. The couple to my right was white and had flown in from Glasgow to see the show. The man laughed uproariously at just about everything Chris said - the effort of getting from Glasgow to Hammersmith was obviously worthwhile for him. Kris and I were in the middle (literally and figuratively).

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