October 04, 2007

V&A Art of Lee Miller & Golden Age of Couture

I LOVED the Lee Miller exhibit. Lee Miller is the sort of woman you would think lived a live of "pure magic". She was a beautifully photogenic model, an actress, intelligent, an accomplished photographer who discovered "solarisation" (a way of reversing tones e.g., transforming highlights into blacks) with Man Ray, and a respected WW II photoessayist for Vogue. And yet, we don't always know a person's whole story. Lee was raped at age 7 by a family friend, contracted gonorrhea, and suffered years of horrible invasive treatments (this was pre-penicillin). There were other things she endured as a child. She had one son as her career was winding down and she was not a nurturing (to say the least) mother. However, it was this son who saved her life work so we can enjoy it today.

The Golden Age of Couture exhibit was pure fun. There was a timeline for all of the big name designers. Cindy pointed out that Coco Chanel's timeline disappeared for some time when she was "shunned" for having "relationships" with Germans during the Paris occupation.

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