October 27, 2007

Athenians Halloween Party

The London Athenians (Toastmasters) celebrated Halloween at our house.

Mahin did most of the cooking (only some starters are shown) for a splendid many-course dinner with help from Anne and Kate.

Karen told our fortunes, Kimra and Keith told scary stories, and we all learned amazing things about each other by playing the "factoid" game.

Some people stayed alive and alert longer than others but we all had a wonderful time!

October 20, 2007

Allaire State Park Halloween Hayride

This picture from the Allaire State Park website was obviously taken in daylight but they were a lot scarier at night. My cousin Nancy is president of the Allaire Village Association and urged us to go on the hayride only when it was dark. We heard people screaming because they were being tanned, a little girl ran after us crying for her mommy, dead spirits of iron workers killed in an accident followed us and touched us (really creepy) and our driver shot a werewolf that was chasing us. After this very scary ride, we were entertained by a story teller and later by two witches who prepared a special brew.

October 18, 2007

New Jersey Shore

Ardis picked us up from Toms River on Wednesday night and we stayed with her at her brother's home in Brick. We spent Thursday and Friday walking on the beach, driving by Nana's house, eating fish and more fish, and enjoying a Hoffman's Ice Cream (I had to take a picture of this "small" cup and cone because people in the UK won't believe it).

On Thursday night, we met Ken, Kathy (lovely home), Nancy and Stanley for dinner at Maria's in Manasquan.

Raj, Bonnie and Priya drove down Saturday morning . After settling in (the home in Brick sleeps 11!), we all headed out to Nancy's in Bayville. We enjoyed a fantastically large lunch before most of us went out on Barnegat Bay with Captain Stanley. If anyone doesn't believe in global warming, you need to see the amazing picture of Ardis, Kris and Priya swimming in the ocean just before Halloween. We gave one last hug goodbye to lovebug Holly before we headed out to Allaire Village for a scary night (another post).

On Sunday, after Priya finished studying her Greek, we went for lunch at the Pilot House after which Raj, Bonnie, and Priya drove us back to the airport.

October 16, 2007

Tea at Brown Palace Hotel in Historic Denver

We enjoyed an elegant tea at the historic Brown Palace Hotel in Denver. This hotel was built by Henry C. Brown in 1892 and is the 2nd oldest hotel in Denver. The 2800 feet of stained glass shown is 8 stories above our head and is original. The lobby with its mexican onyx stone and tiers of cast iron balconies is beautiful. Rae Ann and I had a great time catching up in this amazing setting.

October 04, 2007

V&A Art of Lee Miller & Golden Age of Couture

I LOVED the Lee Miller exhibit. Lee Miller is the sort of woman you would think lived a live of "pure magic". She was a beautifully photogenic model, an actress, intelligent, an accomplished photographer who discovered "solarisation" (a way of reversing tones e.g., transforming highlights into blacks) with Man Ray, and a respected WW II photoessayist for Vogue. And yet, we don't always know a person's whole story. Lee was raped at age 7 by a family friend, contracted gonorrhea, and suffered years of horrible invasive treatments (this was pre-penicillin). There were other things she endured as a child. She had one son as her career was winding down and she was not a nurturing (to say the least) mother. However, it was this son who saved her life work so we can enjoy it today.

The Golden Age of Couture exhibit was pure fun. There was a timeline for all of the big name designers. Cindy pointed out that Coco Chanel's timeline disappeared for some time when she was "shunned" for having "relationships" with Germans during the Paris occupation.