September 05, 2007


After the ship docked, we walked into town and noted the bricked-over former KGB headquarters. We reached the main square where we met Ilvi Joe-Cannon. She is one of the editors / translators of “Carrying Linda’s Stones” which is an anthology of the stories of Estonian women during the Russian / German / Russian occupations. I bought a copy and learned a lot about these women who were either deported, remained during the occupations, or left for another country. Ilvi was meeting friends from the ship and generously offered to take us on a tour with them.

Tallinn was a delightful town through which to wander. We saw:

Alexander Nevsky Orthodox Cathedral was built between 1894 and 1900. It's architecture is Russian and very different from any other buildings in Estonia. It was built to demonstrate Russian power during the period of tsarist Russification.

Skyline and rooftops

Quaint streets

Kiek in de Kok (built ~1475) and Pikk Hermann towers

Town Hall (late Gothic) and some very tired tourists.

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