September 08, 2007

Oslo - Princess Docks, Vigeland Sculpture Park, Kon-Tiki & Fram Museums by Ferry

The Star Princess docks very close to town in Oslo and you get another view about how large this ship is. The straight-on view made me feel part of a horror movie where the ship is moving in to crush the crowd-filled dock.

Our mission was to get off the ship, buy our Oslo Pass and get to the Vigeland Sculpture Park before the crowds. The park features 212 bronze and granite sculptures created by Gustav Vigeland (wikipedia). We took pictures of almost every one but have included only a sampling.

As the crowds arrived, we set off in search of the ferry to take us to the Kon-Tiki and Fram museums. The sunny and glorious day made the ferry trip itself a great outing.

We had all read about Thor Heyerdahl and his Kon-Tiki voyage as children but Thor's other explorations were more far-reaching than I ever would have guessed. The Fram Museum, named after the most famous polarship, celebrates polar (North and South) explorers - especially Norwegian polar explorers. Both museums were fascinating.

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