August 03, 2007

Richmond Park and Wimbledon

My friend Cindy demonstrated the value of having a car because there is no way we could have done all that we did in one day by public transportation!

We first drove to Pembroke Lodge (childhood home of Bertrand Russell) in Richmond Part to join a tour organised by the Richmond Arts Link. Max, a Richmond Park guide, led us to a variety of sites within the park. We walked past an excellent example of a home with a thatched roof. We viewed St. Paul's Cathedral from King Henry VIII's Mound (which, contrary to popular legend, is NOT where he viewed a flare set off when Anne Boleyn was beheaded). No one guessed that the curious cement cylinder was protecting a historic cistern. We walked over remains of the South African Military Hospital built in 1916 for WWI veterans. We saw trees that pre-date the park walls built in 1637. And we enjoyed fabulous views.

We then drove to Wimbledon to Cannizaro House and Garden for a fabulous lunch. Then Cindy drove to the nearby Buddhapadipa Thai temple she had discovered one day while househunting.

We finished this great day by enjoying some well-deserved dessert (polenta lemon cake, a strawberry jam shortbread cookie) at the Orange Pekoe in Barnes.

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Anonymous said...

Carrie, thanks for this lovely souvenir of a truly lovely day! I so enjoy your company as you are such a trooper and so open-minded and well-travelled. We share a curiosity for history and the Unusual. Yes, the Thai Buddhist Temple is one of the most unusual things in London that almost no one knows about!