May 22, 2007

Iceland - Reykjavik - Perlan Saga Museum

We spent the afternoon at the Saga Museum which is in the Perlan Centre with fabulous views of Reykjavik. As you walk through the Saga Museum, you stop at "stations" where lifelike figures recount the Viking history of Iceland. We learned that Ingolfur Arnarson and his wife Hallveig Frodadottir sailed from Norway to settle in Iceland in 874 AD. Life was (and still can be) harsh. Since we could not take pictures in the museum, we took pictures in (including indoor geyser) and around the Perlan Centre. As we walked home, we took a few more pictures of outdoor sculpture.

One final note on Iceland. Iceland is a land of spectacular natural beauty but it is not cheap! We paid $65 for 2 large takeaway pizzas, $20 for a hamburger, coke, and fries. The joke here is that Icelanders go to London for a cheap vacation. You have been warned!

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