June 22, 2007

Royal Ascot 2007

Royal Ascot is a big deal. First there is the trauma of finding the appropriate dress, HAT, jewelry plus the need to wear heels. This is not Houston where we drive somewhere and walk 10 feet. I had to walk to the bus, stand half-way to Ascot on the train, and walk one mile to Ascot Village. And, then reverse the process at the end. Kris conspired with the other men NOT to wear black-tie but to wear a nice suit instead. Here is the final result:

The next order of business is to make sure you see The Queen!

Then you place at least one bet. We bet on Indian Ink (we liked her name) to Win The Coronation Stakes and we parlayed our £5 bet into £65! We wisely stopped there.

Last but not least, you enjoy the music and the free-flowing champagne, lunch, and high tea in your tent.

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