March 17, 2007

Ta Prohm and the Roluos Group - Cambodia

What makes the Buddhist temple Ta Prohm so special (in addition to its vastness), is that a decision was made to only cut the jungle back part way. This leaves many of the buildings covered with the roots of banyon and kapok trees. Ta Prohm was used in the filming of the movie "Tomb Raider".

The Rolous Group of Angkorean temples includes Lolei, Preah Ko and Bakong. Lolei was founded by King Yasovarman I (889-910) and dedicated to Shiva. Preah Ko was built by King Indravarman I (877-89) and dedicated to Shiva. Bakong was built in the late 9th century and also dedicated to Shiva but now has to share the site with a modern Buddhist temple.

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