February 18, 2007

Marrakech Day 3

We started our morning by walking to the Jardin Majorelle. This was a pleasant garden with many cacti.

We then entered the medina and walked round and round the souqs. Numerous children would insist on guiding us but only part way, and then be annoyed at the apparently insufficient tip Kris offered (although they always took it eventually). We exited and realized we were completely lost. A nice young man saw that we looked puzzled and got us started again in the right direction of the Djemma El-Fna (no tip requested). This time we kept the sun to the right (we might still be there had it been dark or a cloudy day) and finally made it to the square.
Using the Koutoubia Minaret as our landmark, we made it safely back to the hotel. Dinner consisted of olives, Moroccan wine (Carrie) and beer (Kris) in the beautiful Sofitel garden.

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