February 17, 2007

Marrakech Day 2

In the morning, we checked out the lobby / gardens of the Meridien and then walked to the Menara Gardens. The olive trees and Atlas mountains were pretty, but the reflecting pools needed a good cleaning (although there were jumping fish).

In the afternoon, Carrie checked out the hotel Hammam treatment and was thoroughly scrubbed and exfoliated. This was followed by an argan oil massage. Goats climb the argan trees to eat the berries (picture courtesy of Tamri website). Their manure contains the indigestible hard kernels that are collected by local women who, through a difficult process, extract the precious oil. Kris opted for a jasmine oil massage.

In the evening, we used the Lonely Planet guide to seek food in the Vieux Nouvelle (Gueliz). We ate a panini in a hip new restaurant, bought assorted baklava from the recommended patisserie and ate ice-cream for dessert at the recommend Olivers.

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