January 19, 2007

Windy London - Fallen Tree and Winter Daffodils

It was very windy in London yesterday. Kris heard reports of gusts of up to 75 mph. That afternoon, I did hear an enormous crack. I looked out the window but could not see what tree had fallen. I was afraid to go out for fear of being blown away!

When Banjo and I went out for a walk this morning, this is what we found across the Thames path in front of our house.
I just had to return home to get my camera, much to Banjo's annoyance.

We continued to the Doggy Park where I admired the lovely daffodils, marvelling on how well they survived the wind relative to the giant tree I had just photographed. Banjo showed that he thought the daffodils were special too, in his own way.

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Rajiv said...

That I believe is Dr Banjo (world renowned botanist), marking his test daffodil samples!