December 20, 2006

The Storm aka Sleeping in DIA

Almost 5000 people were stranded at the Denver airport by a blizzard - and we were four of them! We were scheduled to fly to NJ and Bob & Lali were flying to Las Vegas. Of course, when we called to check that morning before we left Greeley, all was fine. But when we got to the airport, all flights were cancelled. Eventually, we flew out on Christmas Day but Bob & Lali had to cancel their vacation completely. All of the roads were closed and we were stranded!

After collecting our red cross blankets, putting our luggage in storage, and passing through security - it was time to pick our concourse for the night. We made our way to Concourse B, ate dinner at McDonalds and settled into the only bar. Everything was going OK until the manager turned off the TV and closed the bar - at 9pm! It was time to pick our sleeping spot and try to settle in.

As the night wore on, it got colder and colder and colder. We finally gathered up our belongings and moved to higher ground back near the food court, many of the other residents, and the X"#&!! terminal train announcement made every three minutes throughout the entire night.

The next morning, we called for help. As soon as the roads cleared, Rae Ann and Rich picked us up and took us back to Genesee. Later that afternoon, Jason and Cassie picked up Bob and Lali since their car was completely snowed in.

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