December 24, 2006

Genesee AFTER the Storm

The storm cleared but our flight could not be rescheduled until Christmas. So Rae Ann and Rich had us five more days! They took us to Red Rock (famous natural amphitheater), Downtown Denver for the Art Museum (Rae Ann and I had bought the framed Madonna Christmas stamp at the Post Office), Georgetown (former mining town and home of the Georgetown Loop Railroad), to the Colorado Mills mall and the cinema (Casino Royale). Kris and Rae Ann also went snowshoeing several times while I finally finished the cross-stitch I was making for my cousin (Rae Ann framed it and sent me a photo before mailing it). We had a great time and enjoyed a wonderful Christmas dinner on Christmas Day before successfully flying out that night to NJ to visit Raj, Bonnie, and Priya.

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