January 10, 2007

AWC Hike - Idyllic Shere and Armed Robbery

Our AWC hiking group took the train to Gomshall and walked to idyllic Shere, where the movie Holiday was filmed. Our leader insisted we take a short stroll through the village because it was so peaceful and cute. As we rounded the corner, there were police cars and police tape blocking the road. Apparently, there had been an armed robbery of the Lloyds TSB just minutes before we arrived.

BBC reported that no shots were fired and no staff or customers were hurt. However, the robber himself may have been injured when he was struck by a vehicle while fleeing. He was described as a swarthy-looking white male, between 5ft 3in and 5ft 5in tall, and of slim build. He was wearing a dark blue coat and dark scarf, and carried a dark holdall.

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Rajiv said...

wow! Bad Karma caught up real quick didn't it!