October 17, 2006

Jalianwala Bagh Memorial and Amritsar Golden Temple (Sikh)

Jalianwala Bagh Memorial - This is where British General Dyer shot 2000 unarmed Indians staging a peaceful protest (as seen in the movie Gandhi)

Amritsar (“Tank of Nectar”) Golden Temple (Sikh) aka HARI Mandir (Temple of God)

Guru Nanak (1469-1539) founded Sikhism as a "synthesis of the best" of Hinduism and Islam. After depositing our shoes and washing our feet, we entered the vast rectangular complex with the golden temple sitting on a (67 square foot) platform in the middle of the sacred "tank" (Amrit Sar) and approached by a (20.9 x 19.6 foot) causeway. Construction of the Golden temple began in Jan 1589 and was completed in 1601. The Adi Grantha (Holy Scripture) was installed in 1604. The central dome and upper half of the walls are covered with gold-leafed copper sheets. About 50,000 meals per day are served from the community kitchen.

We walked (clockwise) around lthe tank and stopped to quietly enjoy the atmosphere. We entered the golden temple (all are welcome) which was as spectacular as advertised. The temple was also beautiful at twilight and as the spotlights were turned on.

Important highlight for tourists - Pristine, western toilets!

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